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Our 360 degree solution incorporates mind, body, and spirit in order to help you get what you need to regain balance and happiness in your life.

Details Below

Concierge Mental Health Treatment Team


When you struggle with mental health issues, you struggle to feel understood and frequently wonder if you’ll ever live a “normal” life. We don’t see you as a diagnosis. We see your diagnosis as a series of obstacles which must be navigated and managed with the right team, skills, support, and sometimes medication. In addition to our own team members, we work with other professionals on your team to coordinate care and create the best possible, long-term outcomes.

Get the Gift You Deserve

I wasted years of my life trying to manage, navigate, and struggle through my own unhealthy relationship with food. Depression and anxiety robbed me of a life worth living. I will never get those years back. I hid from the world and struggled in secret. Even when I got professional help, I knew what I needed to do but couldn’t manage to do it at home.  

This made me feel even worse. I spent years waiting for the hero outside of me to swoop in and save me from myself. It wasn’t until I realized I was the hero that my mindset, and therefore my life, began to take a turn for the better.

Be A Hero is my gift to you which will help you short cut the lessons I learned through my struggles and help you reach an optimal level of wellness a lot sooner. 

How to know if this is right for you:

1. You just left a mental health treatment facility, a drug and alcohol rehab, or an eating disorder treatment center. You’re about to face real life, including your triggers and relationships, for the first time since leaving treatment.

2. You are engaged in counseling services outside of your home but realize you need more support in your home as you try to implement the advice of your professional team.

3. You are motivated to succeed and are willing to trust in your team as you face your fears, triggers, and relationships.

4. You are looking for other team members to compliment the existing professionals you’re working with right now.

5. You are in search of finding your PURPOSE, PASSION, AND COMMUNITY as you embark on this new journey to healing.

How can a comprehensive mental health treatment team change your life?

1. We help you implement the skills you need to navigate conflict, stress, and triggers in the moment.

2. We provide case management services such as time management, stress management, finding positive places to be and positive people to spend time with, vocational and employment assistance, and other necessary life skills.

3. We provide direct support during meals, cooking, family activities, or triggering activities.

4. We understand how mental health issues impact your sense of self-worth, confidence, and ability to be authentic.

5. We work with you intensively in order to help you reach your goals and overcome your obstacles at a quicker pace.

Let Be A Hero be the program which finally helps you change your life.

90 days will pass regardless, but the question now is: who will YOU be in 90 days?

Beyond the 90 days

The Next 9 Months
  • 9 sessions with a life coach/counselor
  • 18 sessions with a fitness trainer
  • 3 meetings with a nutrition specialist
  • Ongoing meal planning and support
  • Same or next day appointments available
  • On call support 24/7
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First 90 Days

Getting Started
  • 1 personalized assessment
  • 26 sessions with a life coach/ counselor
  • 13 sessions with a fitness trainer
  • 6 sessions with a nutritionist
  • 2 fitness assessments (before and after)
  • 1 nutrition assessment
  • Ongoing meal planning and support
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Act now! This moment could change and save your life.

Drug and alcohol rehab statistics show 50-90% of people will relapse after a period of recovery. For those who struggle with an eating disorder, 80% of people who receive treatment will relapse at least once. Every relapse brings you one step closer to destruction and hopelessness. Let us help you find the success, happiness, and health you deserve!